About us

Yuujou.it is a social network established to foster cultural, linguistic and friendship exchanges with Japan. The meaning of culture we refer to should be understood in the broadest sense of the term and includes almost every characteristic aspect of a country. We would like every mode of interaction to be based on a genuine feeling of altruism and to always take place with kind manners and with the utmost respect for others.  

Some categories of people who might find it interesting to join:

-Japanese who are interested in some aspect of Western culture or who would like to have friends from other countries
-Japanese who want to learn or perfect a language
-Japanese living abroad who would like to meet or interact with compatriots or citizens of that particular country, for friendship and exchange of information
- People who are interested in some aspect of Japanese culture or would like to have Japanese friends
- People interested in learning or perfecting the Japanese language
- People residing in Japan who would like to meet or interact with fellow countrymen or Japanese, for friendship and exchange of information about Japan  

Is there an obligation to actively participate in the community?
There is no obligation to actively participate. But if and when you feel ready, it can be fun and rewarding: sharing your interests in some Yuujou.co.uk group, writing something about a passion, knowledge, or skill, teaching or showing others something in which you are an expert and know well. Talk about a trip, an 'experience, give an opinion or advice to someone who needs it. Or simply show videos and photos, of your happy moments, in Italy or Japan, on the blogs or pages of Yuujou.co.uk, a particularly immersive mode has just been introduced, which will allow unprecedented quality audio video interaction. You can find it in the menu under the name ChatVR